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Friday, June 3, 2016

Welcome to You for the Counselling Session and Explore What Your Number Says About You ....

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba
Upon this bank and shoal of time, only the end-product is counted. No one cares about your course of struggle but you. Wanna change your course of ‘struggle’ into a course of ‘joy’? Great! You have arrived on the right dot! From now on, you won’t have to look for success because we will provide you with a straight path to it!  It’s not as impossible as it may sound, it is possible! Possible with numerology!

Numerology is a knowledge and art as old as history! It is a scientific and statistical analysis of your on-the-dot life to govern your future course of action. Numerology helps you channelize your energy so that you don’t go directionless. It helps you explore your potential, explore your future prospects and explore ‘yourself’ in order to take better decisions and thereby getting the best out of your life and out of ‘yourself’, be it  studies, career, job, employment, business, partnership, marriage, match making,
Just write your full name, nick name, date of birth, place of birth, time of birth and question to or may call 09893064376 after 7 pm.
I shall be highly obliged to you regarding: 
  • Kindly send specific questions. 
  • Kindly have 15 minutes session at one time.
  • Kindly discuss for one person at a time.

High Regards